We have spent several years developing a HUMANE, NON-LETHAL and SAFE way to do just that!  With our system of trapping you can release any non-targeted animals UNHARMED.  You could say this is a "catch and release" of the trapping world.  I have tried all the hog traps, box traps and corrals.  I have never found one that worked consistently and to my satisfaction.


I was trapping coyotes in Flatonia, Texas and the hogs were busting my traps every night.  They would root the trap up or step into it and, of course pull out or destroy my coyote or bobcat set up.  Then I starting catching and holding pigs up to about 15 pounds in my number three leg hold coyote traps.  This got me on the trail to where I am now with the HOLD A HAWG SNARE TRAPS.  I needed a trap that would hold the big ones.  My goal was to re-design a leg hold trap to be used as a SNARE CABLE DELIVERY DEVICE.  The leg trap is not intended to hold anything just deliver the snare.  I used all kinds and sizes of locks, cables, springs, tension springs, recoil springs and several types of set-ups to deliver the snare and most importantly draw the snare loop up tight.


After about three years of field testing the product we now offer, has accomplished our mission.  If you set the HOLD A HAWG SNARE TRAP properly, YOU WILL CATCH HOGS.  We do offer an instructional DVD to assist you in achieving this task.   You will see plenty of live action on this DVD as well.  Leave us some feedback, Like our Facebook page and let us know what you think.


aka Bob Stinnett