6 thoughts on “Metal-Ceramic Alloys”

  1. It doesn’t seem like an alloy, and it isn’t original either.

    Isn’t an alloy defined by soluble mixing in the liquid phase? This sounds not like a solution but rather a colloid — a mixing at the level of microscopic particles.

    As to this being original, if I remember my PBS NOVA documentary TV shows on the subject, there was something in the Middle Ages called Wootz steel used in sword blades? Like this, it was a metal-ceramic composite where slag particles (the ceramic) was “worked” into the steel, giving it the chewy yet crunchy attributes of tough yet hard.

    Now 3D printing of Wootz steel is something to talk about because you can include the slag particles without back-breaking (and ear-breaking) labor of pounding on it with hammers?

  2. Interesting. For decades producing amorphous metals (or metal ‘glasses’) components has been hypothesized as a micro-G industry.

  3. I got nothing from that article. 600 times a completely undefined “stress” is meaningless, especially since the article referred to “stress” as exposure to high temperature. If they meant the actual engineering definition of “stress” as force per unit area, then it would be mind-boggling. If they meant the emotional stress associated with global warming (completely consistent with the article), well…need I say more>?

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